Wedding cermony harpist on Cape Cod -Katie Lynch

What are your rates? Cost varies depending on the situation. Please fill out this inquiry form for an accurate quote.

What type of harp do you play? Katie spends most of her time playing on her pedal harps: Magnolia and Heather! Magnolia came with her name and started a trend. She's a gold Lyon and Healy semi-grand pedal harp built in 1914. Katie is the second owner, the first being Helen Rogers, harpist for Rodgers and Hammerstein. Katie does not use this harp for outside performances, but will always play her for a Rodgers and Hammerstein show. Heather is a 2007 concert Venus Premier built for the working musician. Katie's added a pick-up and can bring her amp if it's desired. Most pictures shown on this site are of Katie and Athena, a 1997 concert grand Venus Diplomat which she played for nine wonderful years.

Lily, Faith and Sheila are Katie's folk harps. Lily is a 2004 Blevins Seraphim, a lever harp, and is used mostly for teaching. Faith was found at an antique store, but proved to be a newer Paraguayan harp with a double neck. Sheila is a travel harp built by Katie's father in 2001. This harp is made without a sound box so not to disturb other travelers.

Can the harp be played outside? Yes, but please be aware that the sun and changes in humidity are detrimental to the instrument and dealing with wind, sun and uneven ground may be detrimental to the musician. (The harp cannot be played in the rain; please have a back up plan.)

Do you need anything from us? All I would need is electricity if you request an amp or I need a light. If you request additional musicians (ie flute), they will need a chair. I come with my instrument, stand, stool, board (outside), rug, light and amp if necessary.

Can you move the harp upstairs? Yes, but an elevator is extremely helpful!

How often do you tune a harp? Every time you play it, and yes, I tune it myself.

When do you arrive? I always arrive at least one hour before an event to set- up and tune.

What do you wear? I usually wear a gown. I try to match the colors of a wedding or wear formal black.

Who took the photographs for your site?
Top of home page: Brenda Saul Thomson at Chatham Bars Inn
Middle of home page: Susan Crowley at Wequassett Inn
My wedding photo: Jerry Lynch at Harbor Point
How to Succeed . . . : Jerry Lynch at Barnstable Comedy Club
Beauty and the Beast: Jerry Lynch at Falmouth Theatre Guild
Maroon dress with walnut harp: Jerry Lynch at The Lighthouse Inn
Green dress with gold harp: unknown photographer, private wedding
Cream dress with walnut harp: Jerry Lynch at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
for the Maria Cassat Gold Card Opening
Walnut harp at a Marsh: Julia Cumes, Brewster/Dennis

First and foremost, she was excellent to work with. I found her to be very organized and prompt whenever I had a questions or needed to make changes with music selections.

My husband and I used her for our church ceremony. She played alongside the church's music director, so she played with both a piano and an organ. She also played for my sister who sang "Ave Maria." I found her to be very versatile. She has a professionlal attitude, and is well versed when it comes to different music pieces.

She also worked well with the music director at my church. On the day of the wedding she arrived early to rehearse, and prior to that corresponded with her via e-mail in order to make sure they were playing the same chord pieces.

Overall, I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Lisa & Adam

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      Thank you so much for playing at our wedding.  The harp just set the tone for the ceremony -
sorry about the wind, but you played beautifully and everything sounded wonderful!
All the best,
      Nelle and Dale

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